Saturday, May 8, 2010

in the first photo, is the my class's graduation party (even though we still have more than a month left of school). i'm with my friends patty and marina.
in the second photo is a pic of me with laura at the end of the year ceremony with all the parents in our cafeteria.
the third pic is when my sisters and i made betty crocker brownies. ana and julia really liked the batter!

Friday, April 30, 2010

by the way these are mostly for syd!! i love you soo much and i just found the vid of emerson walking!! can't wait to see you this summer!
my spring break in italy with my american friend rebecca lazar and her dad. most of the time spent in a house in tuscany, but a few day trips to rome, viterbo, siena, and venice.

las fallas is a festival in Valencia that I went to. basically, they spend an entire year making these life-size representations of everything from cardboard and wood and styrofoam. then they display them for the public for a week; each is judged and then on the last night of the week long festival burned. you can see elvis during the day, and then at night being burned.

here's my new family!!! (except missing is my older sister lucia and my parents)

these are when my dad came and visited me in Madrid for the weekend in March. the second one is us in front of the royal palace

Here I am skiing in "los pirineos" in February